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Let me take this opportunity to welcome you on behalf of The Society of The Astral Star (aka The Order of The Star of Bethlehem) and its members to the On Line version of The Liber Asteros - A Grimoire of Rites and Rituals for Christian Magickians. So many people have written and inquired concerning our standard rituals used by the Order's membership - both as individuals and in group settings - that we felt it was long past due to make this material available to the general public. A collection such as this has been needed for a very long time. By publishing our general grimoire, everyone will know what we do and how we do it - generally speaking of course.

Additionally, it will serve as a place where most commonly used rites and rituals of High Ritual and Ceremonial magick (especially within a general Christian setting) are made available in one location. We would like to note that the Order has chosen to release our *general* rituals only. Initiatory Rituals will *not* be made public, and will have to be experienced one on one in real time with real people by candidates of the Order. In the meantime, we hope that interested individuals and groups outside of the Order who have an interest in Magickal Christianity will feel free to make use of this material and let us know what they (i.e. YOU) think.


As an overview, we would like to state for the record where most of this material is taken from. We recommend that the serious student purchase for themselves their own copies of the works cited. These works should be a part of any and all High Ritual/Ceremonial Magicians/Mystics library. They are essential! The entries on these web pages are in no way meant to *replace* these invaluable books in their printed form from the original authors/organizations!

Most of the *general* magickal rituals are taken from Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magick: Eleven (Twelve) Lessons in the High Magickal Arts. That work has been published under three editions by Llewellyn Publication, ISBN: 0-87542-324-9. The Society of The Astral Star chose to make use of this work as it's primary textbook for magickal methods for a number of reasons. The first reason is that we believe it is a solid work grounded within the greater Western Esoteric Tradition drawing firmly on the work of many other classic writers. Those writers include those affiliated with the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, including Dr. Israel Regardie, S.L. Macgregor Mathers, Dion Fortune, and even Aleister Crowley. The work itself is *not* directly representing that organization and as such is general enough to be independent for our Order's own general purposes. Secondly, the work is readily available to Aspirants and remains actively *in print*. Thirdly, we appreciate Mr. Kraig's perspectives. He is very practical in his methods. And lastly but most importantly, the methods he instructs in Modern Magick works! The Membership makes use of Modern Magick from the 0ro Degree (Grade of Aspirant) through the 8th Degree (Grade of Adeptus Major). We supplement Modern Magick with many additional works by different authors to be sure, however Modern Magick is the central work used by all of us.

Additionally, we make use of The Book Of Common Prayer according to the use of the Anglican Church. The Order is an organization of individuals who are at least nominally *Christian* theologically and philosophically speaking. We have a number of different perspectives representative within the general membership of the Order itself including Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Protestant Christians of many different denominations including Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Disciples of Christ, Mormon, etc. Additionally we have other unorthodox members who hold Rosicrucian, Alchemical, Hermetic, Gnostical Christian, and ChristoPagan and Christian Wiccan/Witch viewpoints. The Order's membership is a diverse lot! For sake of unity in our Order's rites and rituals we needed to adopt a general framework within the Christian liturgical calendar year. As a group, we chose to make use of the Western Christian Church as is represented by the Roman Catholic & Anglican/Episcopal Churches. From this work we follow the calendar year and make use of the appropriate *collection* of prayers (i.e. collects). We also make use of the standard listed readings of the verses from the gospels, old testament, new testament and psalms within our ritual liturgy.

As the Order is in line with *esoteric* and *magickal* Christianity, we further chose to make use of Mystical Mediations Upon The Collects by the Christian Mage and Mystic, Dion Fortune (aka Violet Mary Firth) to further illuminate the collect of the day within the various liturgical seasons of the year.

Many of our Order's rituals have material borrowed from other sources as well. Our ritual for casting our circle has been heavily influenced by the various writings of well known fantasy and fiction writer, Katherine Kurtz. Ms. Kurtz is a well regarded and highly respected Christian Ceremonial Magickian and Mystic in her own right. She is the head of The Order of St. Michael. For further reading, we highly reccommend everything in the Deryni Series' as well as the Adept Series which she wrote with Katherine Turner Harris. Most of our Order's initiation rituals in the General, Elemental, and Adept grades have been heaviily influenced by The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, The Society of The Inner Light, and The Order of The Sacred Word.


As individuals, practices CAN and DO vary somewhat.

In formal group settings, it is standard practice for different Officers and Members to each be assigned different *parts* of the ritual itself. Standard operating proceedures within the OAB has the High Priest/High Priestess (Hierophant/Hierophantria) control the flow of the ritual and *lead* the ritual proper. We perform rites of abjuration, including the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentegram (LBRP) and other rites of abjuration as needed and called for. We work within a magickal circle, called by the Wardens. The Senior Deacon/Deaconess (Hegemon/Hegemone) is usually assigned reading the Gospel, and other Deacons and Members may be assigned to read other passages of scripture from the new and old testaments as is felt appropriate. The Priest/Priestess (Hiereus/Hiereia) will usually read the Prayer of the Collect for the particular day or time. The Hierophant/Hierophantria will expound on the meaning of the Collect from Dion Fortune's Mystical Meditations on the Collect. ALL regular standard ritual masses have as an element that of Christian Communion. Our version was influenced by a number of different sources. We use red wine and unleavened (pita) bread in our rite of Communion.


On behalf of the Society of The Astral Star (aka Order of The Star of Bethlehem), I would like to once again thank you for your interest in our organization and it's rites and rituals. I extend to each of you my warmest regards and best wishes in your esoteric studies and continued spiritual exploration. As always, I continue to remain most sincerely,

Yours in The Light,

Fr. Pneuma Asteros, (The Rt.Rev. +Michael W. Humphrey), OAB.
Supreme Magus, Prinicple Chief Adept, Imperator,
Presiding Cardinal Bishop, & President,
Society Of The Astral Star, Inc.
Order Of The Star Of Bethlehm.
Georgetown, KY, USA
Vernal Equinox - March 20th, 2012


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